Tanglewood TWR2-SFCE Roadster II Electro Acoustic, Natural Satin

TanglewoodSKU: TWR2SFCE



Ready for the road? Then the Tanglewood TWR2-SFCE Roadster II Electro Acoustic is ready for you. Boasting some top quality craftsmanship and a host of great features, it resonates with a beautifully warm tone and powerful projection. When you’re strumming away on this finely crafted instrument, you'll hear the quality mahogany tonewood singing into your ears.

It's one versatile creature. This model is electro acoustic, so you can plug it in and play to your heart's content, with a beautiful amplified tone. This makes it perfect for live shows, where all your notes will sail through the air with pristine clarity thanks to the quality preamp system. With this exceptional model in your hands, you're set for a life on the road.

  • Resounding, warm resonance with quality tonewoods
  • Plays beautifully thanks to well crafted neck
  • Amp it up using quality preamp system
  • Incredibly dynamic, capable of handling any genre

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