Dan - Sales Assistant

Dan joined the team in September 2021.

Dan started his Music Bank career back in september 2021, and is currently the newest member of the team. He can be found working on the shop floor usually tuning, ‘noodling’, or demonstrating guitars for customers. 

Dan's style of playing is heavily influenced by modern players such as John Mayer, Chris Buck and Eric Gales!

Dan also loves old school blues players such as Freddie King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and of course Jimi Hendrix. This passion led to Dan completing his grade 8 electric guitar with a distinction in December 2019.

As Well as a passion for guitar Dan is found sat in the local subway trying each and every footlong he can. When Dan isn’t found lurking subway or working at TMB he is studying for sixth form and putting his schoolwork first.

Joe - Sales Assistant (Rotherham)

Joe joined The Music Bank team in April 2022 and runs our Rotherham store.

Ben - Sales Assistant/Guitar Tutor/Studio Engineer

Ben comes from the glorious London ‘tan and started working and teaching at the Music Bank in September 2021, just after finishing his masters studies at Leeds Conservatoire.

Ben has been playing guitar from the age of 7 and is now a full time professional guitarist, arranger, producer and musical director!

When Ben isn’t gigging with his many, many bands you can find him right here! Whether he’s teaching or assisting in the store you can always spot his unmistakable positive energy!

His major guitar influencers include; Mark Lettieri, Nile Rodgers, Scott Henderson, Wes Montgomery, Jimi Hendrix, Cory Wong, Prince, John Scofield, George Benson, Larry Carlton, John Mayer, Brian May and Joe Satriani (to name a few!)

Other than music, you can find Ben showing off his muscles while working security in multiple venues around Leeds City Centre.

Alan - Sales Assistant

Alan plays both the guitar and drums badly (his words, not ours)!

His musical career started behind the drum kit in Boston, America in the late 80’s before a band uprising uprooted him from his stool and made him focus on vocals. Think Dave Grohl but better!

Since then Alan has begun fronting the infamous Chequered Past; with a passion for all things ska it seems to be a perfect fit!

Other than music, Alan is an accomplished football referee. Some believe he joined the team after awarding The Music Bank a very dubious penalty, but we’ll leave that open to your imagination.

If you can’t find him on the pitch however, he is probably at home revising Chequered Past’s lyrics! 

Billy - Ecommerce Apprentice

Billy joined The Music Bank team back in September 2021 as an ecommerce apprentice, which means most days he will be hiding in the back on his computer, but can also be found pottering around and helping on the shop floor when needed.

He has an avid interest in all things musical, with a background playing piano, and a desire to start learning guitar.

This interest in music has been driven by bands and artists such as Linkin Park, Passenger and Twenty One Pilots.

Other than music, Billy has a passion for technology, whether it involves gaming or building his own computer, Billy does it!

He also likes brioche.


Paul (Foxy) - Assistant Manager/Instrument Technician

This Foxy gentleman has been with The Music Bank since we opened in October 2020.

Paul is an expert guitar player who spends his weekends shredding with his group ReStyle, and his weeks fine tuning and tinkering with guitar repairs and setups.

Previously Paul was a fully trained and qualified mechanical engineer, so after retiring he decided to bring his skills to the lovely musicians of Knaresborough.

Some of his favourite bands consist of Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, It Bites, The Quireboys, Styx and Def Leppard (basically all things Rock!!!).

Foxy spends most of his time off either getting down and dirty in the garden, or all fired up behind the grill! 

Nathan - Store Manager/Social Media

Nathan has been with The Music Bank since we opened, way back in October 2020.

He is a keen bass player who has played in multiple bands, touring up and down the country and even playing at some major music festivals.

You can find him these days on the shop floor advising customers, or making the store look pretty with his keen eye for visual merchandising!

His favourite band is Radiohead (particularly the experimental stuff), but would’ve never started bass if it wasn’t for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

He spends his evenings either bouldering (a fancy word for climbing), or honing his photography skills.

Dave - Business Development Manager

The Music Bank was born from Dave’s business brain and was first opened back in October 2020. He aimed for The Music Bank to be a one stop location for all musical needs, whether it be tuition, repairs or purchasing goods.

When opening, Dave drew on all of his previous management experience from tuition centres he owned and ran in South Yorkshire.

Dave’s love for music is drawn from a childhood hobby of playing guitar, and an unmatchable obsession with the infamous Motorhead.

Other passions for Dave include playing football as a part of The Music Bank’s very own football team, as well as going on bike rides across North Yorkshire.