Repairs, Setups & Servicing

What is a Guitar Setup?

It is vitally important for a guitar to be set up to the player’s specification. A guitar which is comfortable to play and which operates correctly will ensure the best performance from the player and will make it a pleasure to play.

Here at The Music Bank, we have decades of experience in setting up guitars as well playing guitars on stage in professional environments. We believe we know what to do to make a guitar feel and sound at its best.

Many mass produced guitars leave the factory without any final Quality Control checks and can be the weak link in the production process. Also, the mechanical integrity of the guitar can be affected during the shipping process.

A guitar which has been played and played (and why not!) can develop wear and tear over time. Mechanical and electrical faults can detrimentally affect the guitars performance. This can make the guitar more difficult to play and may lead to it breaking down during playing. 

In the majority of cases, a set up can drastically improve the overall playability of a guitar.

We offer a range of SETUP options. Please see below:- 


Standard Setup - £65 + Strings 

The “STANDARD SETUP” will get your guitar playing to a high standard. It will be set up according to your specifications and will ensure that the guitar is at its optimum mechanical configuration for ease of play.

This is recommended on new guitars as a minimum as generally, most new guitars are not fully set up to a player's specification.

Standard Setup includes:

  • - Re-string
  • - Truss rod adjustment to correct neck relief
  • - Action adjustment
  • - Nut action check
  • - Intonation adjustment to optimise tuning
  • - Hardware check including machine heads and all screws/bolts
  • - Full body clean and polish
  • - Fret polish

*We charge an additonal £10 for 12 String & Floyd Rose

Pro Setup - £130 + Strings

This “PRO SETUP” is recommended if your guitar has been played for a number of months & needs some TLC. Over this period, guitars will collect dirt & grime through sweat from hands which accumulates on the fretboard and greatly affects playability. Some of the mechanical components, including frets, can undo and move over time. Also the electronics can start to be problematic & require cleaning. Noisy electronics can give off loud, unpleasant crackles through the amplifier when adjusting volume and tone.

Pro Setup includes:

  • - Everything from our STANDARD SETUP plus…..
  • - Fretboard clean and oil
  • - Pickups to optimum height
  • - Deep clean of the instrument using professional instrument disinfectant
  • - Intonation is set with a digital strobe tuner
  • - Individual fret level check using a ground fret rocker to determine if local fret levelling is required
  • - Full electrical check (any replacement parts & components will incur some additional cost)

*We charge an additonal £10 for 12 String & Floyd Rose 


Full Service - £30 + Strings


  • Full body polish restoring your guitar to its original shine
  • Old grime/grease removed from fret board
  • Fretboard treated with lemon oil to ensure smooth playing
  • Full restring
  • Fully tuned and read to play!

    *We charge an additonal £10 for 12 String & Floyd Rose 

    Guitar Repairs

    Repair                                    Price (plus parts)
    Install New '1' Pickup                         £55
    Install New '2' Pickups                       £100
    Install New '3' Pickups                       £135 
    Install New '1' Tone/Volume Pot         £40
    Install New '2' Tone/Volume Pots       £55
    Install New '3' Tone/Volume Pots       £65
    Install New '4' Tone/Volume Pots       £75
    Install New Top Nut                             £30
    Replace Jack Socket                          £35
    Install New Pickguard                         £30
    Install New Bridge                               £30
    Install New Strap Buttons                   £20
    Install New Acoustic Pre Amp            £40 
    Install New Machine Heads                £40
    Install New Selector Switch                £35
    Single Restring                                   £8
    Diagnostic Fee *                                 £25

    *Please note - We charge a £25 diagnostic fee for any preliminary checks we carry out prior to any further work agreed.  However, this is refundable should work commence.