Tanglewood TWCR OE Crossroads Electro Acoustic, Whiskey Burst

TanglewoodSKU: TWCROE



The Tanglewood TWCR OE Crossroads Electro Acoustic promises full, sublime sound that is worthy of any stage. Perfect for budding musicians and seasoned players alike, this affordable guitar showcases the renowned craftsmanship of Tanglewood in every inch of its mahogany build, from the chrome die-cast tuners to the Techwood bridge. Its all-mahogany body and neck deliver an exceptionally warm, rich sound with plenty of depth, giving you an immersive tone that will captivate anyone in its presence.

Feel the smooth comfort of an orchestra body. The TWCR OE not only exudes fantastic resonance with great projection, but it also offers seamless playability. Perfect for fingerstyle and folk players, the deep curves of the orchestra shape sit beautifully on the knee, whilst its large bout accommodates heavy strumming also. And when you're ready to take to the stage, you'll be guaranteed the glistening response and amplification of Tanglewood TEQ-3BT electronics. Sculpt your sound with precision and deliver a mesmerising performance.

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