Snail UKT-E598EQ Electro Tenor Ukulele + Gig Bag




The Snail UKT-E598EQ Electro Tenor Ukulele features a comfortable playability for the progressing musician. The UKT-E598’s ebony body produces a crisp sound with resonant overtones. The striking grain pattern makes this instrument look as good on the back as the front!
This wonderful ukulele has a great pickup built in for any live performance or recording.
Includes a Free Premium Gig Bag

Key Features
Laminate Rosewood Top, Back & Sides Deliver Sweet Tones
Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge Provide Smooth Feel
Chrome Diecast Tuners Improve Tuning Stability
Built in pickup system
Equipped With Sturdy Aquila Strings
Stylish Wood Binding Creates Stunning Look

The Snail UKT-598EQ Electro Tenor Acoustic Ukulele features a stunning rosewood body, with matching neck and fingerboard to deliver incredibly warm, sweet tones. The tonewood is perfect for players who enjoy a complex high end with thick lows and a good midrange presence. Its tenor size is larger than the standard concert size, making it perfect for players with bigger hands and any skill level. Its high-quality construction provides a smooth playing feel, while producing incredibly versatile tones to suit a wide range of musical styles. Its high-quality design and tone makes the Snail UKT-598 Ukulele a perfect companion for the travelling musician.

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