MiniMEGA™ features 1,000 watts of power and produces incredibly full and rich sound in a compact package. Using technology never found on other bass amps, the MiniMEGA represents a new level of compact bass amplifier performance. Peavey’s proprietary Kosmos® bass enhancement provides increased bass impact, while the exclusive psychoacoustic low-end enhancement adds bass without overburdening speakers – a testament to Peavey’s technology-driven innovation.

The MiniMEGA also contains other modern features such as built-in compression and a 4-band EQ with semi-parametric mids. Complete with an effects loop, gain control, crunch button, tuner output and more, the MiniMEGA contains everything necessary for today’s professional bass player. Ideal for use in any live or studio setting, the back panel of the MiniMEGA has all the connectivity necessary to patch in effects or connect to a sound reinforcement system.

1,000 watts continuous into 4 ohms (1,500 Watts burst power) • Gain control with crunch button • Built-in optical compressor w/ defeat switch • 4-band EQ w/ Punch and Bright switches • Mid controls feature semi-parametric control with narrow Q controls • Built-in Kosmos® Bass Enhancement and Psychoacoustic Sub controls • Master volume with mute control • 1/8" headphone output • Two twist-lock combo 1/4" outputs • Tuner output • Effects loop with bypass • DI output with XLR & 1/4" outs. DI pre-post switch, ground lift and Pad controls • MIDI footswitch input • User-definable control surface color lighting • Foot-switchable crunch, compressor, Kosmos®, FX loop, and mute • DDT™ limiter.

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