Alpine MusicSafe Pro 2019 Ear Plugs in Case Black




No compromises ear protection. Preserve your hearing! The MusicSafe Pro earplugs feature three colour-coded filters, letting you choose a custom level of attenuation - a feature unique to MusicSafe earplugs. The AlpineAcousticFilters? attenuate only the harmful sounds, letting you enjoy the music without compromise. Perfect for gigs, rehearsals, sound technicians, teachers and more.

MusicSafe Pro earplugs give you invaluable ear protection without compromising sound. But that?s not everything, you get a generous package that includes two earplugs and a spare third, cleaning spray, three filter sets, carrying cord, and a luxury storage carry case. That?s unbeatable value. If you want to protect your ears from irreparable damage, enjoy your music the right way with the MusicSafe Pro earplug set.

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