The 'Vault' Recording Studio

Studio Hire

Here at The Music Bank we offer the old Barclays bank vault as a new and improved recording studio. We have spent the past 2 years developing this into a small quiet room for basic to advanced recordings. We offer two types of sessions, The Vault Recording Experience and The Vault Day Session.

When booking sessions it may be important to keep these things in mind:

Recording - The act of recording is capturing the sound that you want to be able to play back to people. This does not necessarily include mixing, but some producers will mix as they go if requested. This will of course take away from tracking time.

Mixing - When we mix we look at balancing out the many many tracks on the recording file. This is to ensure that all tracks are in time and that the recording sounds professional. Mixing normally takes place after the recording session is complete as the producer will have all tracks.

Mastering - Mastering is a dark art and is the final sprinkle to any recording session. When mastering multiple songs we would aim for a consistent sound, creating uniformity. Mastering is achieved generally using EQing, compression and effects. This is the final step before you would release physically or online.

Our producer recommends that for any recording time that you have you will need around two thirds of that time in mixing.

As this is a creative process sometimes it can be hard to highlight exactly how much time will be needed, this may lead to extra time needed following the original quote.

Price: £POA

 Join a professional producer for your very own recording session experience!

This is an exclusive session aimed at people new to the recording studio environment as well as students and hobbyists who want to record their own track. In this one hour session, you’ll record yourself singing or playing along to your favourite song in our immersive professional studio. After the session, you’ll receive a mixed and mastered track, as well as video of yourself recording the song. 

This works as a perfect gift in two ways; gift the recipient the experience itself or alternatively, record a track and present the recording as a gift to a loved one. You could record a song for mother’s day perhaps? Why not give your child the opportunity to record something that they have been working on in their music lessons? Record a secret song for your wedding, party or any other big event! 











THE VAUL DAY SESSION: 10am-5pm (6.5 hours with 30 Minute break)
Price £POA

Hire The Vault & The Music Bank’s own professional producer for a day! 

The Vault can accommodate anything from solo artists to full bands and anything in between. Our space is perfect for bands who want to multitrack, as for smaller artists, you can multitrack and even record live. Included in the price of the session is a professional engineer who will run the session ensuring everything recorded is of the highest quality. Whether you’re a hobbyist or professional, whether you’re recording originals or covers we have you covered.

All equipment that we can provide is stated to the bottom of the page. Anything you might need on top of this we recommend you bring with you.

Day Mix Session - 6.5 hours
Price £POA

Hire our producer James for the day to work on mixing your tracks. He can do this privately from your predetermined notes, or he can do this with you in the room.

Half-Day Mix Session - 3.5 hours
Price £POA

Hire our producer James for half a day to work on mixing your tracks. He can do this privately from your predetermined notes, or he can do this with you in the room.

Quarter-Day Mix Session - 2 hours
Price £POA

Hire our producer James for a quarter of the day to work on mixing your tracks. This session will be to finalise parts from any previous sessions. This will be completed by James privately. 



Recording Studio, Room Only

Room Only No Engineer - £15 p/hour

A member of the team will show you to the studio and then leave you to it, simple!

The studio can also be used for Pod-Casting sessions

To book simply pop into store.