Deep down underground at 37 High Street, you will find the 225 years old bank vault! With 1 meter thick walls and ceiling, it makes a great place to visit and record.

General Information
The minimum session length is 2 hours (1hour for The Vault Recording Session) and can go on for as long as you like.

All sessions include the support and direction of a professional music producer.

Phone 01423 638343 or call in to the centre to discuss your project with one of our team - we’ll help you work out the details of the session and build a bespoke quote with a clear plan before your session begins.

The Vault Recording Session Experience (1 hour session)

Price £79
Join a professional producer for your very own recording session experience!
This is an exclusive session aimed at people new to the recording studio environment as well as students and hobbyists who want to record their own track. In this one hour session, you’ll record yourself singing or playing along to your favourite song in our immersive professional studio. After the session, you’ll receive a mixed and mastered track, as well as video of yourself recording the song. 

This works as a perfect gift in two ways; gift the recipient the experience itself or alternatively, record a track and present the recording as a gift to a loved one. You could record a song for mother’s day perhaps? Why not give your child the opportunity to record something that they have been working on in their music lessons? Record a secret song for your wedding, party or any other big event! 

The possibilities are endless!

The Classic Studio Session (minimum 2 hours)

Price £79 1st hour, £39 every additional
The perfect package to record your musical project in a professional studio!

The Vault can accommodate anything from solo artists to full bands and anything in between. Our space is perfect for tracking parts of a song separately or for working as a full band, live. Included in the price of the session is a professional engineer who will run the session ensuring everything recorded is of the highest quality. After the session the producer will edit, mix and master your music, ready for release. Sessions start at a minimum of two hours and step up in hour blocks after that, how long you would like is completely down to you.

This service is aimed at those who have material already written or want to produce a series of cover songs. It’s the perfect package for those who are more experienced musicians or those who have already had some studio time. Phone or call in to the centre to discuss your project with one of our team - we’ll help you work out the details of the session and build a bespoke quote with a clear plan before your session begins. 

The Song Writing Session

Price £79 1st hour, £39 every additional
This one’s cool. This is your chance to work with a professional songwriter and producer to develop your own original material. Unlike a normal recording session, this will be much more focused on collaborative development of your music. 

You’ll work on structure, instrumentation, arrangement and programming to produce your music to a professional level. It’s a fantastic opportunity for some one to one time to explore every facet of your artistry, and come out with a much more developed piece of work from when you started.

Your producer will help you build a track around your composition. Arrangement is the technique where we take chords and melody and turn them into a fully fledged song, with appropriate instrumentation, synthesis and stylistic awareness. An essential session for the developing musician!

The Filmed Live Sessions (minimum 2 hours)

Price £79 1st hour, £39 every additional - Plus Video POA
Record a live session with a professional audio and video team. This is the one of the best ways to get your music seen and heard by new people - an engaging and high quality video is a fantastic asset and will help you to secure more gigs and engagements. We can accommodate solo artists and duos, all the way up to full bands.

Join us in our relaxed and encouraging environment where we’ll work together to get the best performance possible. Our studio looks fantastic on film and adds an extra level of professionalism to your videos which is really going to help in your progression as an artist.
Included in the of the session is the videographer, engineer and producer of the session.